Does Justify Have A Weight Issue?


July 23rd 2018 – Update July 24th 2018

My latest article for US Racing that is titled “Does Justify Have A Weight Problem?” can be accessed clicking on the previous hyperlink or below:

I joked with my editor that the title he chose for my article is going to get me in hot water with my primarily women readership. Why? I have never known any woman who didn’t think they were too fat. Just so you know, I have never, ever said a word about the weight of any woman I have been with. Ever. 

At any rate, my editor came a bit to my rescue in an article today titled: Why Can’t Horseracing Fans Be Like Other Sports Fans?”

Weight is the enemy of speed and too much weight is bad on the joints. Please read my article before judging. Thanks!

Some interesting tidbits, all three Kentucky Derby winners Elwood, Sir Huron and Donau,  who I profiled in my article, all had faster times in the Kentucky Derby than the 1st Triple Crown winne Sir Barton by roughly 2 seconds. 



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