How to Improve and Grow the Sport of Horse Racing



August 8th 2018

I am working on a multi-part series for US Racing titled “How to Improve and Grow the Sport of Horse Racing”

The first part can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Please note that ESPN2 aired the Dodgeball World Cup during prime time on ESPN2 on tonight. I rest my case. This sport has sorely needed a prime time night of the week to sell itself for decades and Wednesday is completely open.

My series will touch on improving overall fan experience for events, increased safety for jockeys, increased safety for horses and catering more to the backbone of this industry: bettors.

Stay tuned! I am bringing in some unique, lifelong experiences, that I think will help this sport grow. And my US Racing editor, Derek Simon, is great for giving us writers the freedom to speak our mind.

US Racing has grown tremendously in the past few years.  Just about every monthly update I get, views are up over the previous months. US Racing has added many other talented writers, has had a free lance author Margaret Ransom get nominated for two Eclipse Writing Awards.

My article, Does Triple Crown Winner Justify Have A Weight Problem? was the top-read article on US Racing for the month of July.




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