How to Grow and Improve the Sport of Horse Racing.


Although I have been silent for awhile, I have submitted a new US Racing article to my editor on how to grow and improve the sport of horse racing. I love the sport of horse racing. I want it to succeed and regain past glory. However, the sport has been stuck in the past when it comes to safety and needs to really think outside the box. The thinking “We’ve have done it this way for years” needs to change.

Other sports have changed, through pressure from unions and lawsuits, and improved safety. A horse can’t talk or sue like a professional athlete. Jockeys have a union but they don’t have as much power as other pro sports unions.

The Kentucky Derby disqualification of Maximum Security really tarnishes the sport and affects the confidence in many. Keep in mind that the sport of horse racing was once one of the top two sports at the turn of the 20th Century but has dwindled to a niche sport due to internal cheating, doping and organized crime affecting outcomes over the years.

If the sport is going to bring more fans back, it has to change with the times and improve safety and fan experience. And display integrity enough to make good officiating decisions. Social media doesn’t agree with the disqualification of Maximum Security. Just look at any Facebook post from Churchill Downs on the Kentucky Derby for proof. That my friends, is a huge problem and its not like there aren’t knowledgeable people in the sport who agree with the disqualification either. I being one of them.

Perhaps another article I may write is to break down the DQ of Maximum Security on why it was a bad decision.