Launching A New Multi-Sport Website

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May 12th 2019

I wanted to give all of my readers the link to a new multi-sport website that I created. I will keep this one for at least the rest of this year but will eventually transition fully to the new website. Please bookmark the new address:

So why the change? After five years of blogging on the sport of horse racing, I found that the majority of my blog views came in a three month span leading up to the Kentucky Derby. After the Kentucky Derby, views drop off considerably and especially if there is no Triple Crown candidate. It is hard to generate any kind of significant Ad revenue with these dynamics.

By switching to a multi-sport website platform, I hope to publish really good content on a wide range of sports and generate revenue. Revenue that I can use to pay contributors for article submissions and photo media to enhance website views.

I have a network of talented friends who are writers, authors, photographer and sports handicappers that should make this new site even better.

Stay tuned! I am still in the process of tweaking the new site and trying to enhance it.