I’m Back In!


After a year or more of being frustrated with the sport of horse racing, I am back and decided to renew this thederbyhandicaper.com site.

My reasoning is simple, I like some of the safety stuff I have seen lately. I think the sport of horse racing is pointed in the right direction. But I will admit, it has a long way to go. I love horses and horse racing.

Another factor, writing about multiple sports like I did on my coxsportsnet.com website, you are sort of small fish in a big pond. I did get great views on some articles that I posted but from my experience and writing ability, I could write a similar article on horse racing and get ten times the views for most articles.

It helps when your area (mine in Missouri, see above picture), was once referred to as “nothing but a horse town.” Hence the above picture. My hometown has so many streets named after horses and horse racing.

I’m back! Doing what I love and what I am best at and most appreciated for. My next blog will be a preview of the Pegasus World Cup.